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Leading the Stölzle Glass Group towards further success


Last May, Georg Feith took up the reins as Chief Executive Officer at the Stölzle Glass Group, replacing Johannes Schick. One of Europe’s leading glass packaging specialists, Stölzle was not unknown to Mr Feith, however, having started his career at the Köflach plant in Austria during the early 1990s. He spoke exclusively to Glass Worldwide about his hopes for CAG-Holding’s diversified glassmaking subsidiary.

Expert glassmaker working toward greater technology gains


Sven-Roger Kahl fell in love with glass and its endless possibilities at the age of 12. Now Manager of Furnace Operations and Innovations Group for Ardagh Group, Glass – Europe, he spoke exclusively to Glass Worldwide about highlights from an illustrious career in the industry, including his involvement with GlassTrend as an Advisory Board member.

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