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Retrofitting a mirror plant with short downtime and low cost

Retrofitting a mirror plant with short downtime and low cost

Sometimes, existing glass processing systems fail to meet the set requirements of the operator. For example, the lack of quality of the initial products, the susceptibility of the plant components to error or outdated technology are reasons why appropriate measures to improve the situation are becoming ever more urgent. In many cases, complete renewal of the plant is unfeasible, with a high investment requirement expected. Alfred C Beimdick et al report on a successful retrofit of a mirror production system, which has been upgraded to a quasi-as-new system by a sound and competent analysis of the weak points and the subsequent renewal of a few system components. As a result, this project has led to a significant increase in quality and incidentally, noteworthy energy savings.

On the Spot... John Webb


In his first interview since joining O-I as Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, John Webb spoke exclusively to Glass Worldwide about the industry pioneer’s ongoing transformation and how initiatives such as a dedicated plant manager development programme and a new approach to standardisation are benefitting the 26,500-plus workforce across 79 plants in 23 countries.