Copy Requirements

Preferred material is QuarkXpress page(s) supplied on CD-ROM or zip disk. All high resolution photos, Adobe Illustrator files and any fonts used should all be included.


Pictures/Photos/Logos/Illustrations should be supplied as TIFF or EPS (binary format not JPEG Encoded) minimum resolution 300dpi at size to be used, colour-separated for spot colours and CMYK. If sending by email, compressed JPEG is acceptable. If colour matching is required, a colour proof should be supplied.


Scans must be TIFF or EPS, minimum 600dpi, or hard copy for scanning.


Text Only, Rich Text Format, or a Microsoft Word document.


Any fonts required must be supplied (screen and printer) - Mac, Type 1 Postscript or TrueType. Otherwise our nearest available match will be used.


Files should be saved in CMYK at 300dpi at the correct size.


  • QuarkXpress
  • QuarkXpress Passport: all files must be saved in the single language version format.
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Please email all advertising material to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advertisement Sizes

Depth x Width

Type Page 265mm x 185mm
Bleed Page 307mm x 220mm
Trim Page 297mm x 210mm
1/2 Page across type area 128mm x 185mm
1/2 Page across bleed 155mm x 220mm
1/2 Page across trim 145mm x 210mm
1/2 Page upright type area 255mm x 87mm
1/2 Page upright bleed 307mm x 115mm
1/2 Page upright trim 297mm x 105mm
Standard 1/4 Page 128mm x 87mm
1/4 Page across type area 60mm x 185mm
1/4 Page across bleed 90mm x 220mm
1/4 Page across trim 80mm x 210mm

On bleed advertisements, all live matter must be 3mm inside the trim area.

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