Corning Fusion5Glass

Corning Fusion5 is used as the outer layer of auto windscreens.

Corning Fusion5 Glass is the world’s first auto exterior glass designed to help deliver windshields that are lighter in weight, with superior durability and better optical performance, compared to conventional windshields. The glass forms the outer ply of a laminated windscreen.

With rapidly increasing replacement costs, automakers and drivers want a more durable and reliable windshield. Fusion5 Glass demonstrates sharp impact performance four times better than traditional windshields with significantly lower breakage on the road. The increasing adoption of battery-electric vehicles has made weight reduction a crucial target for auto manufacturers. The Corning product is 12% less dense than traditional glass, reducing the overall weight needed for increased range. Advancements in autonomous driving means more technology than ever is mounted to the windshield. Windshields made with Fusion5 have outstanding optical quality and lower optical distortion.

Corning’s fusion process is uniquely different to the float process used by competitors. A drop-in process makes Fusion5 easy for glazers to adapt and produce as there are no additional materials or infrastructure needed.

Corning Fusion5 is used as the outer layer of auto windscreens.

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